Friday, 31 May 2019

Catholic schools' Day

On Tuesday it was the Catholic's Schools' Day! 
I was so EMBARRASSED because I had to read in Mass in front of so many people! 

We went to the church and the readers had to sit on the long seats on the left hand side. At church I was the reader. I was the first one to read because Sister Evalesi thinks that I'm really good at reading because I've done it many times. Also children from St Pius X and St Ignatius schools read too. I was really nervous because I had to read in front of 400 people. 
After that we all had lunch. St Ignatius and St Pius children sat under the canopy to eat but we sat inside our classroom.
After the bell rang the other schools went back to their buses because it was raining and we couldn't play sport together. Then Mrs Agnew came into the class and we had a choice to play Lego, blocks, drawing, reading books or typing club on our chrome books. We had the best day EVER!

Tuesday, 14 May 2019


Yesterday we learned about kindness and how to be kind to your friends and families and also your grand parent's. Kindness is very important and so is love. Everyone love's GOD and Jesus.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019

St patricks Day

On Monday we had so much fun because it was St Patrick's Day. First we went to the bean bag throw and skipping rope loop. I got two bean bags in the red box and then I went through the hula hoop and we had to do five skips. I failed at five skips. Mrs. Agnew said "should we have a another round" and our team and the other team shouted, "yeah". That was my favourite tabloid. I loved St Patrick's Day especially having an ice block at the END. 

Monday, 11 March 2019

All about me 2019

Hi My name is Frances and I’m 8 years old.
I go to St Patrick’s School.
I like doing Gymnastics with my friends.
I have two brother’s and I live with my family.
I am a Filipino.
I love Philippines so much.
I wish I could go back there again. 
I am good at reading books and painting.
I enjoy doing maths in class.
I like playing soccer with my friends.
I will listen more this year so that I do the right thing. 
Please read my will be really interesting!

Thursday, 22 February 2018

In Australia

In the holidays I went to Australia with my family.  We stayed in a very big place with lots of people.  There was a swimming pool at the place.  I went swimming in the pool because it was warm.

One day I went to Sea World with my two brothers and my Mum.  I saw some mermaids.  They were swimming in the pool with sharks.  I felt afraid for the mermaids because I thought the sharks would eat them.

I also saw some sting rays.  They were flat like a saucer with a sting for a tail.  I touched the side of the sting ray and it felt slimy.  Sea World is a nice place to visit.  I had an exciting time.